About MoreOne Technologies

We are a digital transformation agency and a “laboratory” of learning, experimenting and developing with years of experience and with extraordinary people, focused on expertising in Dynamics modules and delivering software solutions with high quality.

We have the dream, the ambition and the skills to establish and to continuously grow and improve a Software Development Factory, up to the level of representing a key reference in EMEA for Microsoft technologies.

MoreOne Technologies is a member of an international group and circuit of partner Companies, and this network may offer international opportunities for the one's who are qualified and interested.

MoreOne Technologies believes in client Focus and Loyalty. And we achieve it through quality solutions coupled with commitment in a teamwork environment.

Our vision

''We believe that professional growth is a win-win for the professional and for the company: in professional services more professionalism results in growth, in value recognized by the Clients to the company and from the company to the professional / employee, both in term of role and economics.''

We have a strong growth, hiring, traning, development program of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM team and we are in continuous search for talented human resources. We want to share our values to them and work together to define and achieve common goals.

Internally or through our Western European partners we can transfer to our people world class level skills, competences and experiences on Microsoft technologies. But we also endorse proactivity and self study recognizing awards to our employees every time they achieve a new certification, being aware that competence is a key elements to grow an "award winning team".

Best practices, Frameworks, Precoded plug-ins and other capitalized intellectual properties are key to deliver higher quality (effectiveness) and better efficiency (speed), resulting also in an higher TCO of our services. Any project or task is a new opportunity to reuse components and to capitalize knowledge, providing superior service while we enrich our intellectual property.